Greetings from Dublin

29. August 2023Allgemein, Bildungsangebote, Europaschule, Schulleben

Day 1 – A short night, a fine flight and a long walk

After a very short night we left for our study trip for Dublin at 4:00 in the morning to go to Düsseldorf airport. Even though we were very early, our flight was not – it was about half an hour late. But this was no problem as we used the time to have a little break at the gate. After the flight to Dublin we managed to get back all our luggage – even Miss Dieler‘s which was half an hour late… Then we went to our hostel to move into our rooms. The rooms cannot really be called a 5-star standard, but this did not put too much of a damper on the trip – apart from sleeping who is going to spend much time in the room anyway?

After a little break for grocery shopping, eating and relaxing we started our self-prepared walking tour through Dublin where all the students presented different sights and important buildings in their best English. We saw interesting sights such as the Molly Malone Statue, Dublin Castle, Temple Bar, Trinity College and learned about the Book of Kells as well as important political buidlings and interesting museums. Almost three hours and several kilometers later everyone got some dinner and returned to the hostel to get some sleep.


Arts de Spectacle

Arts de Spectacle

Tag 7 am Collège Am Mittwoch den 10.04.24 haben wir noch einmal das Collège St. Joseph in Janzé besucht. Direkt in den ersten Stunden ging es für uns in den Computerraum, in dem wir Collagen zum Thema Street Art gestaltet haben. Am vorherigen Tag haben wir dafür die...