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The club “Deckel drauf e.V.“ supports the Rotary Project “End Polio now”

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The topic of our last English classes was "The Blue Planet" and we talked about what we can do to protect our environment. When we heard of the "Dammer Umweltwoche," we wanted to participate and decided to support this project:

The club “Deckel drauf e.V.“  supports the Rotary Project “End Polio now” by collecting as many plastic lids as possible. 500 of these lids pay for one vaccination against poliomyelitis. Our school participated in this project: Over a few weeks, we had boxes in our classrooms to put in the plastic lids. In the end and after weighing all of them and counting the top three classes, we had approximately 67,000 lids, which means that these can be used to pay for 134 vaccinations. Our three best-collecting classes were the 7f with 4,226 lids, the 6b with 6,398 lids and our first place, the 5d with incredible 8,041 plastic lids! We, the 10c, are really impressed by these high numbers and we want to thank everyone for supporting us in this project!

Rieke M. (10c)